Dinner At Tiffani’s – A Rustic Luncheon, now available !

Happy New Year !

And what’s best to start the year on the right foot than a mini White Collar reunion around a lovely meal ?

A Rustic Luncheon, the new episode of Dinner At Tiffani’s featuring Tim and Matt as the guests is available on the Cooking Channel website.

And for our fellow international fans, we also made it available on TDK TV. The episode can be watched here. Password is tdktv.

Pull up a chair !

5 Comments on “Dinner At Tiffani’s – A Rustic Luncheon, now available !”

  1. Well that was six kinds of fun. And the look on Tim’s face when he was presented that zucchini to slice…”You could go blind.”

    1. ahahah yes. And his comment when she says “what am I here for?” “for dessert!” LOL what a cute pie. 😉

  2. Watching Matt deliberately turn “muddling” into a sexual tease is funny enough, but watching Tim’s expressions as Matt torments him and he struggles not to laugh is just priceless…

    PLEASE bring “White Collar” back to us!!

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