Gallery updates

A few updates to the gallery.

I’ve finally uploaded the screencaptures from the second episode of Dinner At Tiffani’s: All in the Family. Be careful, high content of adorableness.

In addition, were added DVD quality screencaptures from Tim’s guest starring appearance in Without a Trace.

Also, courtesy of Kanarek, we’ve also added the screencaptures from the entire second season of Carnivale. Warning: hot content there. Also, some nudity and violence. Proceed with caution.

Kanarek has also provided screencaptures for Tim’s famous two episodes on Seinfeld.

As well, as Tim’s short appearance of Friends.


3 Comments on “Gallery updates”

  1. Pretty prolific, impressive career, Dr. Dekay. Can hardly wait until we can see you perform on the stage. Say, Flowers for Algernon or some Love Letters with the beautiful and talented Elisa Taylor Dekay.

  2. It is a very prolific and impressive career which includes a wide variety of roles. Tim is one of those actors who may never become a household name yet will be thought of with respect and admiration 30 years from now, both from within the industry and from those outside the industry who simply appreciate fine acting. Not that he doesn’t have respect and admiration already, but his career is far from over and I think the success of White Collar has forced more people to pay closer attention to him as an actor. Or, at least I hope it has.

    1. He sure seems to have lots of respect within the profession already. But it’s nice that he finally gets the audience recognition he deserves, thanks to the success of White Collar (and probably Carnivale).

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