Peter Burke through the years…

No White Collar this week, folks! It’s Thanksgiving this thursday. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about White Collar…

So, how about sharing our Peter Burke favorite moment(s)? What are your favorite moments, favorite scenes, favorite lines, favorite ties? In short, what will you remember of Peter Burke, the most decent, adorable and awesome-all-around man on TV?

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  1. Oooh. I like this thread. There are too many moments to choose from. This is hard, lol. I love the quick, witty banter between Peter & Neal. I love how Peter gets after Neal like he was his impulsive 5-year-old son, & literally grabs things out of his hands. “No touching.” “Get your feet off my desk.” “I can’t leave you alone for 5 minutes.” ha.

    Favorite scenes: “Vital Signs” when he found Neal drugged: “Don’t. Pick. This.” lol.
    “Veiled Threat” where he & Neal are explaining to El that he’s seducing a black widow…Peter: “We need to take her out.” Neal: “Down”. Peter: “Down. We need to take her down.” :)…The entire episodes of “Payback” and “Countdown” (Season 2).

    I also loved the line in S4 “Compromising Positions”: “Let me start by saying…this was Neal’s idea.” :)…Peter’s first conversation with Sam/James before the boxing match…the last few minutes of the S4 finale (Holy cow!)…

    …And although I was very upset with Peter all through S5 and the way that he treated Neal (which was so out of character for him), I actually enjoyed the scene in “No Good Deed” where he let Neal have it. I wasn’t happy that he wouldn’t try to hear Neal’s side, but it was like he’d finally had enough & for once he let his emotions out.. Even then- in the middle of the tension- you could still tell that they were friends.

    I know there’s more, but those are the moments I’m thinking of first. 🙂

  2. It’s a hard question, having to choose between so many great moments. But I’m gonna try. I love Peter getting passionate about things, dinosaurs, Tycho Brahe, stamps… Or kid Peter, when he puts on his fake arm, or plays with his TLC badge.

    Some of my favorite scenes are: the finale scene of Stealing Home (though the entire episode really), the emotional hug with Elizabeth when he gets out of court in At What Price. Speaking of hugs, the one with Neal in Cape Verde. The way Peter just throws himself at Neal, letting his emotion getting the best of him, is one of the most touching moments in his relationship with Neal.

    The beginning of Checkmate, too. A real punch in the guts. When he’s on the phone with El, and later when he looses it in the empty warehouse. Probably the most powerful (mid) season opener.

    I also love all the moments when he shows his great decency, and how hard he tries to be a good guy. His Justice vs. Revenge speech in Company Man. His struggle to accept what Neal did in No Good Deeds…

    And of course, any scene with El, because they’re just too adorable.

  3. What an impossible choice, there have been so many great and powerful moments.

    I’ll start with one of my favorite episodes, “Stealing Home”, which Tim directed. Speaking as a passionate baseball fan myself, I actually loved Peter more after his baseball speech, and I didn’t think that was possible. The final Peter/Neal scene at Yankee Stadium is one of my all-time favorite P/N moments, because it so beautifully captures the power baseball has to bring people together in a singular moment (especially fathers and sons/daughters). It was all the more poignant because it was a gift from Neal to Peter.

    But before that, in Neal’s apartment, Peter wisely laying the past to rest when he chose not to confront Neal about Kate’s letter, is one of my favorite Peter moments. That was Peter at his wisest, and it led to one of the purest, closest, most joyful moments the two of them have ever shared.

    1. I agree about the Yankee Stadium moment – I posted this same image/question on Instagram and listed that as my favorite moment as well. 🙂

      “Stealing Home” is my favorite episode, not just because it was the first WC ep that Tim directed, but because of the Yankee Stadium moment, all of the Peter backstory, Peter’s “that’s how a lot of people feel about baseball” speech (especially since I’m one of them!), the cameo appearance by Tim’s kids, etc.

      1. Also, it was just a plain good episode. I’m not into baseball but I really liked it, because we got to see a new side of Peter, a bit of his past, the heist was cool, and all the things already mentioned. And it *was* perfectly directed. And I’m not just saying that because I like the director. 😉

  4. What a fun thread! I could be writing for days….

    Off the top of my head, starting with this current season and working my way back, the delight Peter takes in telling Neal El’s pregnant was too precious. Great moment between them. Also his con as Neal’s dad with that great speech…love.

    Figure skating with El last season – perfect date night. Covering Neal with a blanket…a moment fans clamored for.

    Gloves Off – my personal fav. of season 4, with Peter’s desperation to protect Neal from James at all costs. His conversation with Ellen in the season premiere with his now famous “if anything happened to him…” line.

    Season 3 – prom photos, all of Stealing Home, giving Neal the nod to run in the finale…

    Season 2 – Power Play, Peter impersonating Neal which has the funniest exhange of the entire series, imo, with the bad guy not understanding a word Peter says – although credit for that really goes to the other actor (forget his name), “I’m sorry, what?” Perfect delivery of a line.

    Season 1 – His rage at Agent Rice for selling out Neal. Peter and Neal on an airstrip. “You said good-bye to everyone but me, why?” Maybe their best scene of the series. Sigh.

    1. The actor you’re referring to from Power Play is Richard Schiff, best known to television viewers for his role on The West Wing (for which he was nominated for several Emmys, I think). His character in Power Play is basically the criminal version of his West Wing character.

  5. I just watched a re-run of “Stealing Home”. :):) Yes, I did love the part where Peter chose not to tell Neal about Kate’s letter, but just wanted to enjoy their bonding moment…Also, I used the wrong word earlier when saying my favorite eps- it was Checkmate, not Countdown. Like Aragarna said, when he lost it in the warehouse, & when he earlier pinned Neal to the

    I also really like his scenes with Mozzie. It’s so different than the Peter/Neal dynamic, yet they’re just as comical. It’s like..Peter & Neal are actual friends, but Peter & Mozzie just tolerate each other. lol. Except for the “Borrowing Time” scene in Peter’s kitchen..that was a sweet, tender moment between them. 🙂

    And “Gloves Off”, after the fight….yes, oh my goodness! Both Tim & Matt were AWESOME in that scene. It’s one of the few times that they were emotionally honest with each other…which is probably why it erupted like that. And neither one was right or wrong.

  6. late to the party?
    There are so many moments may I start from the beginning? The Pilot that scene in that empty apartment …free fall the whole ep but all those scenes at the Burkes …vital signs you are the only one .. don’t pick this you stolen for me Ahhh !! the kodak moment…
    the hangar .. Scott free and that scene between Peter and Neal about con is an addiction…
    I love the scene in Under the radar when they are trying to deactivate the bomb … too AUGH!!!!
    and of course Checkmate from the beginning until that scene in Neal’s apartment and the last one in the conference room ..I know what are you willing to do …….and of course Stealing home and Judgment day that exchange about how Neal stolen the Degas and the tram scene ..
    the phone call and the Hug in Wanted and Peter learning how to be a barman….
    Compromising position their exchange before they to talk to El and Sara and the “compromising photos” between Sara and Peter
    and seriously there are so many moments that impossible to have the time to write all of them I have to say that even season 5 was tense there were some powerful scene
    the scene between Neal and Peter when Peter brings the new anklet so heartbreaking!! No good deed maybe my favorite ep of this season …when Peter confronts Neal for the welsh gold coins their acting is superbe!! the pain, the distress, the sadness the “love” the friendship it’s all in that scene

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