White Collar S6 Filming Photos – June 10, 2014

Photographer Mike Lenskikh, who posted wonderful photos and videos from White Collar filming last season, is back with more this season! He posted several photos of Tim and Marsha Thomason at the link in his tweet below. Enjoy!

(These aren’t particularly spoilery, although a couple of them do show a new guest star.)


4 Comments on “White Collar S6 Filming Photos – June 10, 2014”

  1. Wheee, I was hoping for pics this season too 😀 I just checked his tumblr yesterday and there was nothing new… a few hours later – yaaaaaaay \o/ 😀

    Also, I’m declaring my endless love for this site which makes it so easy to keep tabs on everything TDK 😀

  2. I know – I figured he’d be back, and I’m glad to see he was there so soon! Maybe since there are so few episodes, he’ll try to take photos for all of them. We can hope!

    And we love you, too! This site wouldn’t be what it is without your screencaps and art – and your awesome support, of course! <3

    1. Always glad to contribute… I’ll put my art here, too, I just need to finally gather it all 😀

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