Full Name: Timothy Robert DeKay
Birthdate: 12 June 1963 , Ithaca, New York, USA
Height: 6’2½” (1,89 m)

Timothy Robert DeKay was born on June 12th, in Ithaca, New York. Well, Lansing, New York to be more specific. (Lansing is a small town just outside of Ithaca.) Tim grew up in the beautiful Finger Lakes region where his mom, Jill, still lives today. His father, Jim, now lives in North Carolina. His brother, Jamey, now lives just blocks away from him. In grade school and high school, Tim enjoyed both the arts and athletics. Tim was very athletic in school, playing both varsity basketball and baseball. Playing baseball is a multi-generational tradition in his family! Of the many plays Tim performed in high school, his senior year production of Oliver! is still talked about from time to time! After high school, Tim attended Le Moyne College to study business and philosophy and play some baseball. After a short time in baseball, he decided to pursue theater as his full-time extra-curricular activity.

He states that many of his best memories were of when he was busy at The Firehouse (a converted firehouse turned theater) either putting on plays, helping build sets, tear down sets, etc. Following graduation in 1985, Tim was employed by the Marcellus Casket Co. in Syracuse, New York. He assumed he was on the right track for business or law, until the call of the theater became undeniable. After a few courses in directing at Syracuse University, Tim headed to Rutgers University, where a strong Master’s Program in Acting awaited. In addition to receiving his MFA in 1990, Tim was fortunate to meet his wife, actress Elisa Taylor. They were assigned as scene partners on the first day of grad school! Tim currently lives in California with his wife and their two children, Jamis and Danna.

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The DeKays at the Avengers Endgame premiere, April 2019. (Photo courtesy of Elisa DeKay.)