Uncredited cameo in Sex, Death and Bowling

Ally Walker, Tim’s co-star from Tell Me You Love Me, wrote and directed a movie called Sex, Death and Bowling, being released tomorrow.

Tim has an uncredited role (likely a cameo) in the movie as the “Sex Ed video guy”, according to Ally Walker.

Good luck to Ally with her film!

4 Comments on “Uncredited cameo in Sex, Death and Bowling”

  1. Fantastic! I’ve not been to the movies in months, and now I’m motivated to go this weekend! And I’ve been wondering what Ally Walker was up to these days.

    1. It’s currently in limited release – you can find locations and times here. Hopefully there’s one near you! (I’m nowhere close, so I’ll be waiting for it to show up online, as usual.)

  2. You were right, it’s nowhere near me. But I’ll report as soon as I see it–I live in a major metropolitan area with hundreds of cinema complexes. It will show up somewhere sooner or later.

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