Projects roundup

Tim has quite a few projects in the pipes.
1- He’s directed a short film, The Stockwells. He’s also co-starring, along with his daughter Danna.

They’re entering festivals now.

2- Actress Adele Jacques posted pictures on set of the film Best Man Wins. Nothing official about this film anywhere, but you can read the short story it’s based on here (spoilers!). This is the movie in which Tim will be a ratatouille chef.

3- Next, Tim should star in the film Follow the River, a Western/Romance story that director Rachel Noll and producer Sienna Beckman plan on filming this fall.

4- According to Slated, Tim is also set to direct Loving Ebeneezer. Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) and Nick Searcy are attached to this project.
Many thanks to AstroKat on the forum for this catch!

5- And of course, there’s the filming of the sixth season of White Collar that should take place between mid-June and mid-August.

You can find all news and updates on Tim’s current projects at any time on the Projects page.

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