Call for participation in the Annual Every Child Matters 5K run/walk – 2015
Call for participation in the Annual Every Child Matters 5K run/walk – 2014
Characters Unite – I Won’t Stand For Campaign – 2013
Characters Unite – I’m a character (USA collective)
Distressed Homeowners PSA – Tim as Peter Burke, for the FBI – 2012
Characters Unite – Bullying – 2010
Tim talks about Modern Slavery – originally from 2008

Out and about with the White Collar gang
Tim at The Normal Heart LA screening – and Tim and Willie – May, 19th 2014
Tim signing autographs outside the Writers Guild Theater of The Normal Heart screening
Tim and Willie – Grinchmas reading – 2012
Tim, Tiffani and Willie – Grinchmas reading – 2011
Tim (as Peter Burke) arresting writer Shawn Ryan – 2011
Tim and Matt dancing to Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” (Just Dance 2) – Comic Con 2010
The White Collar cast plans a heist at Comic Con (2010)

Tim talks Kohler and Kohler Moxie
Getting Snuggly with Tim and Matt – 2013

DVD extras
White Collar
Season 6 – deleted scenes password: tdktv
Episode 5×01 – deleted scene (Peter, El, Satchmo) password: tdktv
cast – Interrogation Room – Season 3 DVD extras

Tim and Yvonne Strahovsky – Outtakes from the filming of “Chuck and the Baby” – 2011

Carnivàle – DVD extras (Tim’s bits only).
Complete interviews of the cast can be found here (Making Carnivàle, the Show behind the Show) and here (Museum of Radio and Television Panel discussion) ~ 2005

Big Eden NEW
deleted scenes (DVD)
cast interview (DVD)
cast interview – A Look Back (2015 blu-ray release)  password: tdktv

Interview of Peter Burke and Mozzie – Ford’s Neal’s Stash game – 2012
Tim’s Commencement Address at Le Moyne College – 2010 – transcript can be found here
Tim supports Le Moyne College Scholarship initiative – 2010